Mark Trecka


The Bloom of Performance (2024)

Full-length limited cassette / download / streaming, released in February 2024 by Beacon Sound. "[A] harmonious blend of sound art textures and hypnotic, looping elements [...] with the rich, emotive tones of art pop, post-punk, and dream pop." –– 

Recorded with Sam Skarstad (Yellow Eyes) and featuring contributions from Martin Courtney (Real Estate), Audra Wolowiec, Evan Hydzik (Pillars and Tongues), Andrew Petzold-Eley (Obelisk Ruins), and A-Y/dancers.


Loping / gestures (2023)

Full-length cassette / download / streaming, released in March 2023 by Beacon Sound. A mixtape featuring new and old recordings including collaborations with Chaz Prymek, A-Y/dancers, jaimie branch, Raven Chacon, Evan Hydzik and others.


Implication (2021)

Full-length cassette / download / streaming released in October 2021 by Whited Sepulchre Records. Solo prepared piano and cassette loops. One track features contributions from Walt McClements.


Acknowledgment (2021)

Full-length LP / download / streaming + limited risograph poster and zine collaboration with Audra Wolowiec, released in May 2021 by Whited Sepulchre Records. Solo piano, voice, and cassette loops.


Correspondences as Shelter (2021, ∞)

Episodic, ongoing broadcast project developed for Raven Chacon's Radio Coyote, supported by CCA Wattis Institute and the Tulsa Artist Fellowship –– new episodes are presented monthly on Radio Coyote, while archival episodes are presented on Radio alHara biweekly. Popular and avant-garde music, archival recordings, field recordings, interviews, and original work are arranged impressionistically around a variety of discrete themes. The organizational principles of symmetry and synchronicity dictate the shape, while concerns over dignity, humanity, and acknowledgment dictate themes. "Somewhere between a collage and a generative narrative sound work; a bending of the traditional radio experience."


"Acknowledgment and Implication" live broadcast / in-chat text performance (2021)

Music and solidarity event presented on 28 March 2021 on Radio alHara. Poetry and messages of hope and struggle authored by people incarcerated in New York State were relayed in Radio alHara's chat, synchronized with the broadcast of new work. No archive exists.


In / Heaven (2020)

Limited split cassette release / download / streaming. Side A is “In Ellipsis Landscapes” by Mark Trecka x Susan Alcorn, while side B is "Heaven" by Midwife x Amulets, released in August 2020 by The Flenser.

Live Performance Video

Live at the Howland Cultural Center (2020)

Performance at the historic Howland Cultural Center in Beacon, NY on 15 June 2020, opening for Ikue Mori. Video document (excerpt) by Eva Deitch.

Live Performance Video

ESS “Quarantine Concerts” (2020)

Live-streamed performance for ESS's "Quarantine Concerts" series on 03 May 2020.


Everything Falling Crosses Over (2019)

Full-length limited cassette / download / streaming, released in April 2019 by Bluesanct / Orphanology. Solo piano, voice, cassette loops, and field recordings.

Live Performance Video

24-Hour Drone (2019)

Extended performance for Basilica Hudson's 2019 24-Hour Drone. Performance using only cassette loops made out of field recordings of the first 23 hours of performances, cut onsite throughout the event

Archive, Resource

M. Trecka Bandcamp (∞)

Bandcamp site which features several of the above recordings all in one place. Content is both streamable and downloadable.

Music Licensing

Leaving Things Licensing

Leaving Things Licensing works with a tightly curated group of experimental musicians to foster connections between visual creatives looking for songs, custom compositions and sounds that are engaging, unique and left-of-center.

Pillars and Tongues

Archive, resource

Pillars and Tongues Bandcamp (∞)

Bandcamp site featuring nearly all of Pillars and Tongues recorded output, spanning from 2008 to the present, including six full-length records and several singles, etc. Recordings are streamable and many are downloadable and in some cases are still available on LP.


Great / Most Secret and The Miracle (2021)

Full-length limited cassette / download / streaming released by Bluesanct. These sounds, two 18-minute tracks, were recorded in 2009 and only released in 2021. Cover art by Madeline Johnston.


You / all utter less (2018)

Full-length limited cassette / download / streaming, released by Fabrica Records as part of their Idle Chatter series, curated by Drekka. 25 February 2018.


An Index (2017)

Full-length limited cassette, released by Pillars and Tongues. Not released digitally, but attendant material is available to stream / download. May 2017.

Live Performance Video

"No Reply" (2014)

Live, stripped-down performance of an unreleased song. Filmed in the town square of Beauregard, FR, by Timo Hateau on 17 March 2014.

Live Performance Video

"Ships" acoustic, live in Paris (2014)

Live, stripped-down, acoustic performance of a song off of "If Travel is Asked of Me," filmed along the canal in Paris, for Le Cargo performance video series, March 2014.

Live Performance Video

"Oaky (doting, in late winter)" acoustic, live in Paris (2014)

Live, stripped-down, acoustic performance of a version of a song off of "If Travel is Asked of Me," filmed along the canal in Paris, for Le Cargo performance video series, March 2014.

Live Performance Video

Improvisation live in Chicago (2014)

Excerpt from a live performance at Comfort Station in Chicago for their "Comfort Music" series, sometime in early 2014.


End-dances (2013)

Full-length LP / download / stream, released in September 2013 by Empty Cellar Records.

Music Video

"Points of Light" (2013)

Short film for a song from "End-dances," directed by Randy Sterling Hunter and filmed in Vienna and Sri Lanka. Premiered in October 2013. "I think [Randy Sterling Hunter's and my] collective creative energies created a sort of overflow. Each idea, each concept served to provide a sort of guidance, as they do; but more than that, each concept seemed to collapse time and intention, more like a spread of cards would. These spreads seem to me to be concealed within the work, rather than having just informed it."

Music Video

"Knifelike" (2013)

Short film for song from "End-dances," directed by David Sampson. Premiered October, 2013.

Live Performance Video

"Dogs" live in Santa Fe (2013)

Produced by short-lived by spirited Santa Fe based performance video series, "At 7000." "Dogs" is from "End-dances."


If Travel is Asked of Me (2012)

Full-length, limited cassette / download / stream, released by Red Frost Industries on 4 September 2012.

Music Video

"(Laid) Palms to Tell" (2012)

Short film for a song off of "If Travel is Asked of Me," created by Alex Babbitt and premiered in May 2012.

Music Video

"The Making Graceful (Guided Motion)" (2012)

Short film for a song off "If Travel is Asked of Me" from September 2012, shot and edited by Ben Babbitt.

Live Performance Video

"The Making Graceful" live in Columbus, OH (2011)

A capella performance of a song off of "The Pass and Crossings" and "If Travel is Asked of Me," filmed on 21 September 2011 by Rachel Joy Barehl in the basement of the Wexner Center in Columbus, Ohio, while on tour with Dark Dark Dark and A Hawk and a Hacksaw.

Music Video

"Thank you, Oaky" (2011)

Short film for a song from "The Pass and Crossings," directed by Nathan Vollmar. Premiered in November, 2011.

Live Performance Video

Four songs live in Chicago (2011)

Live set recorded for the Coach House Sounds performance video series, 26 August 2011. Seriously questionable audio engineering.

Live Performance Video

"Palms to Tell" live in Minneapolis (2011)

Live recording of a song off of "The Pass and Crossings" recorded at a house show in Minneapolis on 3 April 2011 and featuring Jonathan Kaiser on cello.

Live Performance Video

"Dogs" live in Portland, ME (2011)

Live performance at Space Gallery in Portland, ME while on tour with Dark Dark Dark and A Hawk and a Hacksaw. Recorded by Nona Marie Invie on 26 September 2011.


The Pass and Crossings (2011)

Full-length LP / download / stream released by Empty Cellar Records in August 2011.

Live Performance Video

"Great / most secret" live in Santa Fe (2009)

Live performance at The Process in Santa Fe, NM, recorded by Chris Arnold in early April 2009.

Dark Dark Dark

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Hot Eye

My Name is Nobody

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