What Cannot Be Lost or Redacted: On the Beacon Prison Books Project

A reflection on the theoretical aspects of organizing and communicating across prison walls, published in Medicine for a Nightmare: Part Two.


Prison Visitation in the Era of COVID-19 

Reported news feature for The River examining the NYS Department of Corrections’ handling of the COVID-19 epidemic, particularly as it applies to prison visitation; the article features interviews with several incarcerated people and their loved ones.


Do More Than No Harm: On Judith Butler’s “The Force of Nonviolence”

Review for the Los Angeles Review of Books of Judith Butler’s The Force of Nonviolence, in which I discuss not just Butler’s critical approaches but the implications of her theory for prisons and policing.


The Carceral Invasion: On Brett Story’s “Prison Land”

Review for the Los Angeles Review of Books of Brett Story’s Prison Land, which rigorously outlines the many relationships which insure that the American carceral space stretches far beyond the prison walls and deep into the ordinary.


White and Native Protests: A Study in Inequality

Dual review for the Los Angeles Review of Books of Nick Estes’s “Our History is the Future” and Anthony McCann’s “Shadowlands” which examine the indigenous-organized movement to halt the Dakota Access Pipeline and the white male-organized occupation of the Malheur National Wildlife Preserve, respectively.


The United States’s Sacred Gun Problem

Review for the Los Angeles Review of Books of Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz’s book, “Loaded,” which examines gun violence in the U.S. as both fundamentally racist and foundational.

Interview, Journalism

Alejandro Jodorowsky Wants to Predict Your Future

Interview for Vice with surrealist auteur and author Alejandro Jodorowsky and coverage of his talk at the MoMA.

Poetry, Sound Art

Sleep Patterns of the Discontent

Chapbook and sound recording collaboration with Drekka, released by Bluesanct. Handmade chapbooks published in an edition of 65 with 50 included in cassette boxset.


Interrogation and Transmigration: On Layli Long Soldier’s “Whereas” and Mai Der Vang’s “Afterland”

Review for the Los Angeles Review of Books of two poetry books from a Lakota woman and a Hmong American woman, considering the effects of the U.S. colonial project.


Vignettes from ‘sister marches’ around the world

Vignette reporting on the Women’s March in New York City for The GroundTruth Project.

Cultural Criticism

Seeping Through the Pages: America’s rigid racial categories erase more fluid forms of Indigenous self-identification

Essay for The New Inquiry about the ways in which Indian blood quantum laws, borders, and other rigid systems fail to accommodate the unwieldy nature of identity.

Book Review, Political Essay

Waking from the John Wayne dream: Columbus and Jackson are dead, but America’s war against indigenous people lives on

Essay for Salon on the book, “All the Real Indians Died Off and 20 Other Myths About Native Americans,” structural violence, and the worship of American heroes.

Art Journalism, Criticism

A Giant Cabinet of Curiosities Challenges Taxonomy Traditions

Article for Vice magazine’s The Creators Project about Mark Dion’s installation work, including an interview with the artist.

Literary Journalism

The Implication of a Fence

Four-part series on the largest binational land art installation in history. Published by Beacon Press’s Broadside and supported by the GroundTruth Project.

Short prose and image

Reorientation Studies / Featherproof Books’ Instagram

Reorientation Studies / Featherproof Books’ Tumblr 

Ongoing prose and image project via Featherproof Books‘ Instagram and Tumblr accounts.


Memory is Mundane and Prescient

Review of poet and artist Bernadette Mayer’s “Memory” installation as displayed at Chicago’s Poetry Foundation. Published by Featherproof Books.


Sleep Patterns of the Discontent

Five short poems as portraits of five “discontents,” written as collaboration with sound artist Drekka for Blackened Disco‘s Mix #50.

Interview, Profile

This Columbus Day, Seeking the Real History of Native Americans

Interview with historian Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz. Published by the Huffington Post.

Letter, Criticism


Letter to the editorial board. Published in Harper’s.

Journalism, Criticism

Blood in the Hills: Leonard Peltier and the Pine Ridge Reservation Shootout 40 Years Later

Feature article about incarcerated American Indian Movement member, Leonard Peltier. Published by The End of Being.


A Monument to its Own Passing

Travelogue / prose piece detailing experiences of disorientation while traveling in France, Spain, and Belgium. Published by The End of Being.


Remembering Why Sinead O’Connor Tore Up a Picture of the Pope on National TV

Essay about misogyny and the Catholic Church abuse scandal. Published by Global Post.

Short prose and Image

Shot by the Band

Photographs and prose captions detailing experiences of disorientation and anxiety while traveling in France, Belgium, Italy, Croatia, Serbia, and the Czech Republic. Published by Impose Magazine.


Untitled (Letter to YVYNYL)

Travelogue / prose piece reflecting on the effects of travel on memory and a sense of the uncanny. Published by YVYNYL.

Poetry, Lyrics


Lyrics to full-length album, End-dances, released on Empty Cellar Records.